Conneqt belongs to the Blauwtrust Group. Other companies belonging to this group of specialists include De Hypotheker, Quion, Conneqt and Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management (DMPM). Together we can offer you the complete mortgage-related value chain of management and administration, including our (own) consultancy firms where consumers can conclude their mortgages. Furthermore, our independence and broad experience guarantee the highest level of client satisfaction and the widest market reach.

Conneqt is the partner you should meet today

Without doubt, we can advise any investors who wish to profit from the opportunities in the Dutch mortgage market – so talk to us first.


In doing so, you will immediately construct a solid base facilitating successful access to the Dutch mortgage market. Conneqt has the expertise, the resources, the network, and – in particular – the unprecedented flexibility to let you make your own choices; and it can do that already. If you want to opt for the quick route, then we would invite you to get in touch with us immediately. Finally, we would be delighted to introduce you to the BlueLine, Blauwtrust Group’s complete value proposition. Together with our sister companies, we are able to offer you a unique one-stop-shop concept, with every possible ‘third party’ service. A unique, total proposition under one roof which you will be unable to find anywhere else in the Netherlands.

The Blue Line

Conneqt is part of the Blauwtrust Group

Together with De Hypotheker, Quion and Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management (DMPM), Conneqt is part of the Blauwtrust Group. As a distribution manager, we offer a service which is independent of any label. And, via BlueLine, we can offer even more: as, together with our sister companies, we can arrange portfolio management, primary and special servicing, and a high-quality distribution network of financial advisers to distribute our mortgage products to our consumers.