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Use of website
Conneqt has drawn up the information provided on this website with care, but cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness or currency of this information. The information provided by Conneqt on/via this website does not constitute an offer, investment advice or financial service. With this website, Conneqt merely provides information about (financial) products and services that are provided by/via Conneqt. Changes can be made without prior notice. Without verification or further advice, the use of the information provided is at your own expense and risk.

Information from third parties, products and services
References or hyperlinks to websites, products and services of third parties have only been included for your information. Conneqt accepts no responsibility or liability with regard to the content, the use or the availability of these websites, products and services. Conneqt further does not check the correctness, completeness, currency or reliability of information on these websites.

Intellectual property rights
Conneqt is the rights holder or has a right of usufruct on the data, texts, illustrations, photos, graphical material, logos, names, trade names and goods and service and other brands included on this website. Without prior explicit and written permission from Conneqt, visitors to this website are not permitted to reproduce, forward, distribute, circulate or make available to third parties for compensation the content of this website or to provide links to the Conneqt website. You may print and/or download information on this website for your own personal use.

Exclusion of liability
Conneqt explicitly rejects all liability for any damages resulting from a visit to or use of this website, or of the calculation programs it includes. The uninterrupted and faultless functioning of this website is also not guaranteed. Conneqt makes every effort to keep the content of this site as current and complete as possible, but does not offer any guarantee of the accuracy, validity, completeness or currency of the information published on this website. Conneqt does not accept any liability for this whatsoever.
The calculation programs included on this website for mortgage calculation, insurance calculation, mortgage check and interest rate extension are provided by a third party. The outcomes of calculations generated by these programs only constitute an indication based on the data entered by the (potential) borrower or intermediary. These calculations and outcomes can never lead to a claim for fulfilment by a (potential) borrower and/or intermediary against Conneqt or the money lender.

The calculations and the outcomes of this are only given as information for the respective (potential) borrower and/or their intermediary. For an accurate outcome, more or complete data must be provided by the respective (potential) borrower and/or intermediary. Any acceptance of the calculations shown on this website is at the discretion of the respective money lenders, insurers and/or life insurers.

The calculations are largely performed on the basis of general calculation rules, conditions and rates. Specific rules, calculation rules, conditions and rates per money lender or insurer, such as temporary interest rate discounts or varying fine formulas, are not (always) included in the calculations, as a result of which outcomes can deviate from the reality.

Conneqt is therefore not responsible for damages incurred by (potential) borrowers and/or intermediaries or costs incurred on the basis of the calculation outcomes and/or information about mortgages shown on the website, items related to these and other financial products or services provided by Conneqt. The calculations and the outcomes shown do not constitute advice. For advice about mortgages, (potential) borrowers must consult their, insures, life insurers and/or intermediary.
Applicable law
This website and this disclaimer are governed by Dutch law.

Conneqt reserves the right to change the information on this website (including the text of this disclaimer) at any time without making an announcement of this in any way whatsoever.

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Together with the De Hypotheker, Quion and Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management (DMPM), Conneqt is part of the Blauwtrust Group. As a distribution manager, we offer a service which is independent of any label. And, via BlueLine, we can offer even more: as, together with our sister companies, we can arrange portfolio management, primary and special servicing, and a high-quality distribution network of financial advisers to distribute our mortgage products to our consumers.

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