From 3 September onwards HollandWoont will be the new player to watch in the Dutch mortgage market. HollandWoont is entering the market for Dutch nationals who are eligible for the Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG, Nationale Hypotheek Garantie) and are looking for a good price and customer friendly conditions. By putting the customer first, HollandWoont claims to be the NHG provider in the Netherlands. Conneqt is joining forces with DMPM (Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management) for the new mortgage label.


HollandWoont is a complete NHG proposition that offers a high-quality product for all those wanting to buy, refinance, or relocate under the NHG. To this end, we have redeveloped a number of product aspects that we believe will enable us to offer consumers an even better range. Since it’s not only the product that needs to be a good fit, we also provide rates that will compete at the top of the market. All this means that that everyone who is eligible can proudly finance their homes with a HollandWoont mortgage. Our decision to introduce this new label is based on Conneqt’s desire to create a no-nonsense, customer-focused, and unambiguous NHG brand that truly adds value for the customer and is a good addition not only to Conneqt’s portfolio, but also the intermediaries who work with us,’ says Sanne Veldhoven-Vogel, Conneqt’s CEO.

Convenience for refinancers, senior citizens, and starters

In keeping with the NHG standards, HollandWoont makes use of virtually all the options that could be attractive to various target groups. Refinancers benefit from the word go. When they switch from an existing NHG loan to a new one, they pay a suretyship fee of €1.00 rather than the usual 0.9% over the principal sum.
HollandWoont offers senior citizens an assessment of the actual costs involved. This increases the options for applicants wishing to take out a mortgage after they retire. And nor is there any obligation to take out term life insurance, which offers even more freedom of choice.
Starters in the housing market can submit a statement of employment prospects. When purchasing a new home, an offer remains valid for as long as twelve months and is not subject to cancellation charges. If the extension of the offer is subject to a commitment fee, this is charged on a daily basis.
The data needed to determine the applicant’s income from salaried employment is drawn directly from the Dutch UWV Employee Insurance Agency. This rules out errors and promotes a fast and smooth process. Perhaps needless to say, this is subject to interest rate averaging, and people can make repayments penalty-free from their own resources.
Although HollandWoont is a pure NHG product, a loan above the NHG limit can be offered to existing customers. This is however subject to a surcharge.


HollandWoont Hypotheken’s distribution is handled entirely by Conneqt Mortgage Distribution, which in addition to HollandWoont is also responsible for the labels Hypotrust, IQWOON, and Robuust Hypotheken, which was introduced in 2018. HollandWoont’s mortgages are available with effect from today from a selected number of advisors, mortgage chains, and service providers with a cooperation agreement with Conneqt.

About HollandWoont

HollandWoont is a sustainable mortgage lender for the Dutch mortgage market. It was initiated by the Blauwtrust group. As portfolio manager, DMPM is responsible for directing and executing HollandWoont and Conneqt will handle the distribution. Quion conducts the acceptance and administration aspects. The mortgage mandate allows multiple investors to participate in the financing, thus ensuring stable and competitive funding.