Since 1993, Conneqt – previously operating as a distribution manager under the name Hypotrust – has developed and maintained its “own” high-quality distribution network of financial advisers. Consequently, for almost a quarter of a century, Conneqt has achieved the broadest market reach and an excellent conversion rate while keeping the risk of bad debts low.

From the first non-bank to a distribution manager

Measured in terms of market share, we have a sound position in the top ten. The basis of this success is our primary focus on the private end user of our home mortgages, the objective being to ensure the highest possible level of client satisfaction. This ambition sets the bar for the quality of the entire chain. Given this experience, Conneqt has a broad view of the Dutch housing and mortgage market. Conneqt can provide services to several investors at the same time; currently it has a portfolio of more than 17 billion euros and in excess of 100,000 active clients.

Investors can rely on the best infrastructure

The Dutch housing and mortgage market is growing. Thanks to this attractive investment market, there is a large flow of funds into the Dutch mortgage market. Larger even than the total demand for Dutch home mortgages can absorb. Only those who are familiar with the market know the best places to conquer. Via Conneqt, investors such as national and international banks, insurers and pension funds have access to high-quality infrastructure. One which is optimally accessible for all parties, from investors to advisers and consumers. And although it is digital, it is still personal.

From the perspective of various disciplines, we translate your objectives and preconditions into a mortgage proposition which fits in perfectly with the opportunities offered by the Dutch mortgage market. A proposition which takes account of the risks and returns which correspond most closely to your investment policy. In doing so, we prudently weigh up whether your investment can be incorporated into an existing mortgage label, or whether it would be better served by a new label.

Business development

  • Market analyses
  • competitor comparisons
  • Determining the target group
  • Developing propositions
  • Advising on interest rate setting

Product management

  • Product development
  • Product management
  • Product Approval & Review Procedure (PARP)
  • Retaining accrued portfolios

Brand management

  • Developing and maintaining a brand strategy
  • Developing and maintaining a product label
  • Developing and maintaining a house style and brand manual

Marketing and communication

  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Developing and maintaining websites (for consumers) and extranet (for advisers)
  • Translating products into propositions for consumers (target groups)
  • Developing action-oriented campaigns
  • Communicating with consumers, advisers and consumer organisations

Sales and distribution

  • Developing a distribution strategy
  • Developing and maintaining distribution channels
  • Professional sales and account management (minimum of an SEH diploma)

High-quality distribution and adivce

  • Nurturing, developing and maintaining cooperation agreements
  • Self-assessments (all relationships)
  • Periodic audits (core relationships/Trust Experts)

Quality distribution

In our opinion, high quality has to be nurtured. Consequently, within our distribution network, we offer a special programme to our core business partners. These include the most prominent mortgage advisers, service providers and mortgage chains in the Dutch intermediary distribution channel. In addition, certain advisers can be awarded a supplementary quality status, the so-called Trust Expert status. Trust Experts are carefully selected and, on the basis of a range of qualities, assessed by means of a periodic audit. They form a select group of mortgage advisers who demonstrably offer above average quality.

Discover our labels

Conneqt develops and maintains various mortgage labels which make optimal use of the opportunities in the Dutch market for home mortgages.

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